Thursday, December 27, 2012

Niche Happiness

Wow...We survived Christmas (hosting and all!).  Christmas is always tons of fun, but after all is said and done I feel like I need to sleep for a  Just before Christmas I finished a fun project that I have been dying to share.

I have fallen in love with color!  The house is slowly changing one room at a time and I am so happy with the changes:-)

One of my biggest scariest areas is in the "formal" living room (I hate calling it that...there is nothing formal about our!).  There is this giant niche on one wall that is just crazy.  Most of the time I honestly wish the wall were just a plain old wall.

Here is a peek of the niche before I got down and dirty with paint and projects.

Don't you just love the side tables I found at a local antique mall?  Just perfect for my new room...unfortunately in this picture it is completely out of place.

To get things started I decided on paint colors.  I have already changed my hallway and office to a gray color and this is exactly where the rest of the house is going.

The colors - Benjamin Moore Moonshine and Dragonfly in Matte Finish.

For some reason I only have one before picture and no during shots...oops.

I did get a picture of the niche before everything was put in.

I cut out pieces of paper in the shapes of the goodies I wanted to hang.  This way I could move them around to see how I liked it best.  Notice my cool cabinet door wall art?  You can see how I did that here: cabinet door wall art.  I didn't get to finish the edging along the ceiling yet...oh man!

In the end it turned out fun...

You can see I haven't finished painting or doing the window treatments, but the niche is done...score!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift Card Holder

Wow...this month his flying by!:-)

I saw a cool accordion card on pinterest and my head started spinning (especially since I am responsible for my second grader's class gift this year!)
The only thing I changed was the paper and design of each page.  Not quite as awesome as the one from pinterest, but still I love how it turned out!:-)

I had so much fun with this project!  Being room mom can actually be quite fun!  I guess I can only say this since I love to scrapbook and decided to use this to my advantage with the class gift.  After collecting money I purchased gift cards in each of these categories:

That way they would fit into this awesome accordion card!

The top page is a darling quote I found online.

The next page is for "dinner".  Each page has a pocket I created to hold the gift cards.

Who doesn't love books?!

On the last page I listed all of the names of those who contributed:-)  So. Much. Fun.
Have you had fun making anything for a teacher recently?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ribbon Wreath

All the amazing wreaths I kept seeing on Pinterest had my head spinning...which one to make?  I decided on the coffee filter wreath.  It couldn't be that hard right?  Yes...a complete pain!  It was a no go along with the marshmallow wreath I hoo...what to do?

Here is what I came up with!

After making the first one I wasn't sure I could do it again, but I was putting them on kitchen cabinets so I needed a matching one on the other side...oh boy!

It started with some playing around after my first two attempts failed.  I started wrapping the ribbon and realized I really liked it.

Once it was wrapped I hot glued the back and it held nicely.  Next I placed the command hook on the interior of the cabinet door (of course this little amazing trick came from pinterest too) and attached the second ribbon.

I tied the blue and green ribbon around the wreath to hang it from the door.

Once it was hung, I made two bows from the same blue and green ribbon and attached them to the wreath using a hot glue gun.

The final step was to attach the word "peace" to the center with more ribbon (it is just tied to the back of the wreath).

The other wreath says "hope".  I placed them in the kitchen on two of the cabinets.

So cool!  I made my own wreaths (yes, that is very exciting to me...weird I!)!  What do you think?  Kinda whimsical, but I love how colorful they turned out!  Has anyone made their own wreath this holiday season?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


About a year ago I bought a chalkboard at an antique mall.  It was cute and I really thought the color would work well in the house.  After using it for a family menu (that didn't last long since I am a horrible meal planner!), it became more of a quote board.

The chalkboard part was driving me crazy because it just wasn't working well and wasn't dark enough.  So I pulled out the chalkboard spray paint and got to work.

Here is how it looked before I started the transformation.

See how dull the chalkboard part is?  It was also very difficult to write on.

I taped the inner part of the frame.

Then placed newspaper along the edges to cover the wood frame.

It took about 4 light coats of chalkboard spray paint.  Be careful to spray lightly...more coats are better than drips!;-)

Once it was dry (I waited an entire day), I sprayed the frame white.  Lifting up the newspaper left the frame open to paint, but covered the chalkboard part...nice and easy!

 About 3 coats later I ended up with an new look.

I love how the white pops in my newly painted niche!

What do you think?  It is definitely much easier to write on and I am loving white right now so it works for me:-)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dining Table Transformation

The finished project!!  Yippee!
This is how it all started:  I found a table on craigslist that I loved and purchased it for my grandmother.  You can read about it in this post.  It came into my hands within the last year and I had BIG plans for it!:-)  A year ago I started spraying just the legs (yes, I did say a year!)

It took forever...about 5 coats or so on each leg with a finishing coat of Rust-oleum crystal clear enamel glossy finish.  The leg color is Rust-oleum Painters Touch Satin Lagoon.

Once the legs were finished it was onto the next stage...except that it became about 112 degrees here so painting was put on hold until October!  Finally painting weather arrived so I pulled out the table and (even though I was scared to death) decided to finish.

I flipped the top of the table over (after putting the leaf in) realizing I needed to paint the wood next to where the legs attach Satin Lagoon.  I taped around the edge of the underside of the table.  It took about 3 coats for the edges.

Next, I put the legs back on so I could tackle the top of the table.

Not bad!  Now to the fun part...right;-)  I gathered up my supplies and got to work.  Not pictured are my small foam roller and paint brush.

I really hated the thought of sanding so I decided to try Zinsser primer since I have read it works great even without sanding.  We'll see if what they say is really true;-)  Before priming I filled a few scratches with the wood filler.

Once those scratches were filled it was on to the priming.  I did two coats.  But the key is to wait a good length of time between coats...a day worked for me.  It doesn't need to be perfect or cover completely since it will be painted over.

The final steps took forever...really I am not kidding!  I am not very patient, but I was determined not to ruin the table by painting my coats too close together.  Each coat got an entire 24 hours or more to dry.  I don't want to tell you how many coats it took because it's kinda (5 coats)!  I kept seeing the brush marks which was frustrating.  It drove me crazy enough to get out my Floetrol and mixed it into the paint. I used the small foam roller on my last two coats of paint.  Once the paint dried for 2 days (CrAzY!), I applied 2 coats of polyurethane (Varathane interior water based poly-gloss finish).  Satisfaction!!:-) 

It's not perfect, but I do love  how it turned out!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hallway Happiness

About 3 months ago I blogged about our hallway which leads in from our 2 car garage.  You can read about it here.  It's really tight and was not my favorite place so I decided to make some changes!

After the painting and putting up decals, it was on to adding shelving an extra light (since it felt like a dungeon in the hallway...very sad).

I went with white shelves from Ikea.  They are Ekby Hemnes and are very simple, but light and bright.

I held the shelves up and hubby marked exactly where I wanted them.  He measured, then measured again, used the handy dandy drill and walla the shelves were up:-)

I didn't take a picture before I started putting stuff on them (I guess I got a little too excited!).
I. Love. It.  Now it makes me smile:-)

Remember how it used to be?  What a huge difference!

I love the new light too.  Also an Ikea find;-)  It's the Minnen pendant lamp and the price...only $24.99...score!

Our hallway is not very wide so this light works extremely well.  For this installation we had to call in the professionals since there wasn't already a light hanging from the spot I wanted this beauty.  But I love it so much it was well worth it!

It's really difficult to get a good shot in our hallway so I took a few;-)

The hallway is almost done!  Here is an updated list (I should probably do this for every project!):

Paint hallway
Add colorful decals
Mount 2 floating shelves (for added storage)
Add more lighting to hallway (it's very dark in this little niche)
Organize inside of cabinets
Use hooks on opposite wall to hang purses and possibly light jackets
Add art to walls (One wall is done, but not the other side)

I love that I have extra storage space for organizing!  Isn't it a much happier space?:-)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pink Pine Cones

I loved this picture when I spotted it on pinterest. 

Do you ever feel like all you do is pin?  Me too, so to finally finish a project from one of my boards was so much fun.

The pine cones had been sitting outside for about 5 months waiting to be!  They have finally been sprayed and I love, love, love it!

First I placed the pine cones in a box so I could spray them easily.

As you can see I tested out some colors before deciding.  The process helped me realize how much easier it would be to place them in a box to spray.  It takes a lot of coats to get them thoroughly covered!

Four coats later they looked like this - Still more coats needed!

Six coats later:

I felt like they needed a bit more since you can still see some brown.  So I sprayed yet again!  After each coat I waited at least 30 minutes.

Finally they looked fabulous!

The pink is so much fun!  I love this simple addition to the living room and you can't beat the price!


 Thank you pinterest!  Have you finished any pinterest projects lately?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cabinet Door Turned Wall Art

Not sure where time has gone!  The goal when I started this blog was to try and post twice a week, but lately that has not been hoo!

I have been working on some cool projects though...yippee!  It's been at least 6 months or more since I found some awesome cabinet doors in Ikea's clearance section.  I scored this door for $4.00!

Recently I purchased some really cool shelf liner from TJ Maxx and decided to try it on these doors.

Shelf liner can be a bit tricky, but since it is removable it can easily be adjusted (which is perfect for me because I tend to mess up on the first try!).  There are three sections I wanted to cover so I just laid the shelf liner out and made marks where I needed to cut.

I guess I could also measure, but I work much better with creases...ha ha!  Once I cut the paper I placed it in the opening and slowly removed the backing of the liner.  To keep it from bubbling it's best to place your hand it the middle and spread out (if that makes any sense).  It is hard to explain!

I had some extra overhang in some spots which I cut off with my straight edge razor.

I love how it turned out!

Now what to do with the inside?  I found some ikea frames I already had and realized they would fit perfectly inside the three spaces.  But what to put in the frames?  Quotes of course!  I searched online for quotes with the right sayings and colors (creating my own would just take too much time!).  The quotes were put into the frames and the final step was to glue the frames to the cabinet.

I did measure this time to make sure I got each frame centered.

Here it is drying...

And the best shot I could get of the completed makeover.

The wall I want to place it on isn't painted yet (or should I say re-painted), so that reveal will have to happen  later.  What do you think?  I enjoy how colorful and fresh it feels.  Creating something unique for our home is so much fun!