Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Awesome Mail Sorter

I have come to love, love, love spray has opened up a whole new world.  Find something perfect, but not the right color, nothing a can of spray paint (or two) can't fix!  Finding things at Goodwill or other thrift shops that I can reuse or re-purpose makes me smile inside (and we all need to smile inside right?).  I found a simple wire wall mounted hanging rack (not sure how to describe it) at Goodwill one day and was sure I could find some use for it.  Plus it was only $3.99...score!

Very cool piece, but not the right color

I found a color I absolutely love - Rust-oleum/Satin Lagoon  - and decided to give it a try.  First, I cleaned the entire piece with a wet cloth and then let it dry in the sun.  To make sure there was no dripping, I continuously moved my hand back and forth about 10-12 inches from the piece.  I did very light coats (at least 3) about 5 minutes apart to make sure it was completely covered.

As I was painting I came up with a perfect plan.  Our laundry room is right off of our kitchen and it is where we keep mail/bills, papers, backpacks and other supplies we need regularly.  There is a narrow piece of wall next to the cabinets that fit this lovely little piece perfectly:-) 

Totally off topic, but you can see I have started making some changes to the paint color in our house (the upper left corner shows the old color), but of course it's not finished yet...someday:-) 

I chose label titles that would help keep the bills off of the counter.  Apache Bills - our rental home bills go in this slot, Our Bills - all of our home bills and checkbook go in this slot, and Address - address labels so they are close at hand if I need them.  Most of the bills are paid online, but there are always a few where I need those crazy address labels (now I don't have to go searching in a drawer for them).  The labels I printed and laminated are from Better Homes and Gardens website and are the rectangle tag labels bhg labels.

Pretty simple, but it puts a smile on my face:-)  Found any good pieces at Goodwill lately or re-purposed something old?  Doesn't it feel good...or am I just crazy?

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