Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teacher Gift

I took a quick break from my binder project to make a cute end of the year teacher gift.  Inspiration hit me in the grocery when I spied my favorite tea on sale...yes...perfect timing!

Thanks for being an awesome teacher:-)  I also picked up some Bigelow herbal teas to throw in the mix.  Deciding on a container was pretty easy.  I had found a cute white chalkboard container on clearance at Target a couple of months ago and guess was still sitting there waiting to be used!

Use the cute container or a plain clear container?  Cuteness won out and I decided to use the white container for the gift (even though I thought this particular piece would be so cute in my house).
Here are the supplies I started with:

Framing this cute saying was pretty simple.  I found this adorable printable from Bitsy Creations and adjusted it to print the size I wanted (a little smaller than 5x7).  My frame is this 5x7 frame (in light blue) from Ikea ($3.99 for 2) what a steal! 

I cut out the printed saying and found some scrapbook paper I had on hand to place behind it.

I think it turned out really cute...I love the orange and blue together!

Last, but not least I made a tag to put on it.  Once the tag was made and printed I cut more cute scrapbook paper out and put the tag on it (much more fun and colorful).  I am not sure how to make a free printable yet, but when I figure it out I will simply add it into this post for you.  It's not the best, but whenever you can save time it's awesome right?

What stinks is in my rush to finish (before the ice cream party started), I took awful pictures (I just have to laugh or I may cry...ha ha)!  But hopefully you get the idea from the pictures I did get.  I couldn't fit all of the tea in (oh darn...guess I'll just have to drink it!), but I did use my favorite and opened the Bigelow box to put a variety of the herbal tea in.  On the chalkboard part I put the teacher's name (of course it's covered in this picture by the tag).  Everything was placed on top of blue confetti paper (I happened to have extra from Christmas projects).

If I did it again it probably wouldn't look the same (because I have this little perfection thing going on), but it was fun and turned out pretty good.  Did you do anything cute for a teacher end of the year gift?

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