Friday, May 25, 2012

Once Upon a Shelf

In our home the laundry room is the crazy space where tons of  things happen.  Backpacks and school papers get put here, mail gets sorted, lots of things get stored, and unfortunately of course laundry has to be done too! 
Getting a handle on the school work and mail are two of the most difficult things for me to conquer.  I tried an organizer I thought would work, but it just looked like a mess!  The colors were oh so fun, but in reality all it created was something I hated looking hoo!

Great colors, but what a mess!
This is on the laundry room floor while in the process of "fixing" the mess

So it was onto my next plan.  There is an awesome space between the bottom of my cabinet and the counter that I thought would be perfect for a floating shelf:

And I had to paint first since the plan is to paint the entire room and it would be a complete pain to paint around the shelf once it was in. 

 Ok, Ok, it wasn't really my was the Ikea catalog that gave me inspiration.  There was one photo that caught my eye and had me thinking like crazy.

The picture is on page 124 of the 2012 catalog...can't seem to post it here...drats!

An Ikea trip was in order...I couldn't go alone, so I took my BFF along and we only spent a couple of hours in there!  Of course while in Ikea we found all kinds of other fun stuff, but I guess that would be another post.  Anyway, here is the shelf I picked up for this project: 
This is the Ekby Tony shelf from Ikea - $29.99

We (actually hubby) started by adding the Ekby Tony shelf from Ikea.  Once the shelf was in I added these baskets from Target (I had hubby hold up the shelf so I could see if the bins would work...and yes awesome!).
I love, love, love the final outcome!  It turned out exactly how I envisioned I can't see all that mess and the colors make me smile.  Each bin has a label I created using my Cricut.  I also laminated them for durability.  One is for mail that is to file, one is for Andrew's completed work he brings home (just the stuff we are keeping), and one for Cade's completed work.

This simple shelf has made a huge difference in the laundry room.  I'll be honest, there are times when this place still looks like a tornado (shhh, don't tell anybody), but having these bins helps a ton!  Plus, it puts a smile on my face...I'll take joy anywhere I can find!   

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