Friday, May 18, 2012

Spray Paint Addiction Begins

Home Goods is one of my most favorite places to wander.  I could spend hours in there without even realizing it!  And of course I never miss the clearance section;-)  I was looking for some kind of sunburst mirror (just like everyone else), when I stumbled onto some kind of strange flower looking mirror.  The colors were not my style, but I kept wondering if there was something, anything I could do with it (it was on clearance for $15 after all)!  I finally decided to bring it home.

Here is the way I found it:

Not too bad I guess, but the colors were all wrong.  I was working on my master bedroom and really wanted it to work in the space so I decided to spray paint it.  I had never spray painted before so this was going to be tons of fun!  The master bedroom is white and black with pops of color here and there so I decided on silver.  I just knew deep down silver was going to make this mirror much happier (and me too).  First, I took the mirror out instead of covering it, that way I could spay that weird white part right by the mirror.
Take a peek behind me - see my kiddos?  They couldn't resist the spray paint either!  I let them test it out on the tons of acorns we had found that afternoon.  Don't worry my hubby was supervising the acorn spraying!

Once the mirror was out I just went for it:

And really, why on earth am I barefoot?  Anyway, it took a couple of light coats and it was super completely addicting!  

Here is its new home - our master bedroom:

What do you think (besides the fact that it needs to be  Better...worse?  Not bad for a total of $20!  I like it (right now), but you never know, I may feel like "fixing" it in the future:-)

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