Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer is Knocking

The boys have two days of school left!  Oh man, how does that happen?  To love my space (and life for that matter) the boys I need some help getting through summer.  Before I know it they will be with me all day every day, all day every day, all day every day...just breathe...ha ha!  If they didn't fight (or insist on being on electronic devices all day) it wouldn't be all that bad, but sometimes I just can't seem to force help them get along.  

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest (of course) of a summer schedule.  This schedule is cool because each day there is a simple idea or topic to look forward to (not that my boys look forward to much of anything except sports), but we are going to give it a try!

The schedule didn't quite work for our family so I just tweaked it and added some different ideas.
Here is our finished schedule:

To let the boys have some choices, all the activities will be organized in a binder so they can pick which one they want (they'll either have to take turns picking or agree on an activity).  My prediction, they'll have to take turns (we can't seem to agree on much of anything around here)!

In the next couple of days be on the lookout for the binder information and the activities.  Anything special you do to make the summer work for your family?
If you would like a copy of this schedule you can find it here: Summer Schedule

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