Monday, June 18, 2012

Brighten up a Bookshelf

You can never have too many bookshelves right?  Well, I found these awesome bookshelves at Target on clearance about 4 months ago and couldn't resist.  They were originally $69.00 and were 50% off...yes $34.99.  Of course I had to buy 2 "just in case" I needed more than one.  

$34.99 on clearance from Target

The first step was getting the shelf put together (this is one reason I like Craigslist, no assembly).  I guess it didn't take too long, about 30 minutes or so.  I left the back off so it looked like this (for about a sad).  It wasn't actually laying on the floor for a month...ha ha!  This is a picture from the back with the front laying on the carpet.

My idea to back the shelf came from!  But, that's what pinterest is for right?  Anyway, I found some fabric I liked and finally got this project rolling.  The boys were swimming so I used a few minutes outside with them to get the fabric adhered to the back.  You definitely need to spray the adhesive outside.
My supplies ~ Fabric, scissors, spray adhesive (I happened to have Elmer's craft bond on hand).

The fabric had to be trimmed to fit the backing of the shelf.  I just laid it out on top of the backing and cut (it didn't matter if it was straight).

Next step was to apply the fabric.  I had never done anything like this before so I was a bit nervous I might ruin the fabric or the backing or both!  First, I sprayed the adhesive onto about 1/4 of the backing and waited a minute or two.  Then I placed the fabric down and moved my hand along the fabric to straighten it out.

After this step I felt comfortable that I wasn't going to ruin anything...thank goodness!  So I sprayed the rest of the backing and pulled the fabric over, smoothing it with my hands as I went.  There were a few spots where the fabric wasn't smooth, but it was easy to push the creases out.  Once all of the fabric was adhered I just cut off the excess fabric and it was ready to attach.  Again, it didn't need to be cut straight since the edges wouldn't be seen.

I had to get in the pool after this step (it's only about 110 degrees here!).  Once we were all inside I was able to put the backing onto the shelf.

I was surprised that I needed to screw this particular back on...I can't remember ever having to do this with a shelf.  It is usually secured with tiny nails, anyway that took some time.

But it was well worth it!  The shelf turned out awesome...I love it.  Some color to brighten my days...ha ha!

After seeing it together my oldest asked if he could have it in his room (guess he loves color too).  This doesn't match his room so I'll just have to make another with different fabric.  See I knew I would need more than one...ha ha.

Anyone else back a bookshelf lately?  How did it turn out?

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