Monday, June 4, 2012

Chair Makeover

The style of these chairs had me at hello.  The detail is so cool, but unfortunately the colors are not my style and the off white color really just made them look dirty.  I originally purchased the entire dining set from Craigslist for my grandmother.  She is 90 now and I wanted to move her closer to me and my family (she lived about 90 minutes away).  Unfortunately during this past year age caught up with her.  Not much gets her down, but then she broke her hip (she said, "I guess I just have to experience everything in life!)...what a trooper!  She couldn't do things like she could before, so we had to move her to an assisted living facility.  The dining set wouldn't fit in her new shared room and I couldn't part with it so it was makeover time!:-)

Here are two of the chairs ~

The chair in the back has its seat off so I could put my own fabric choice on it (I am sure you are so excited to see what color I!).
Taking off the old fabric wasn't too difficult.  Just pop off the old staples (I used a flat head screwdriver) and the fabric came right off (or pull the fabric out of frustration when a staple is stuck...that works too).

Drum roll please...the big reveal ~ fabric choice is:

I love it!

To cover the seat I put the seat on top of the fabric to make my cut.  I wanted to make sure not to cut the fabric too small.  You need a good buffer when using a staple gun to attach the fabric.  I am pretty safe and always give myself a 3 or 4 inch buffer.  Wrap the fabric around the seat and staple into place.

The chair had to be painted (it was just too yellowy for me).  I knew a can or two of spray paint would transform this chair into something I could live with (and hopefully love).  Rustoleum ~ glossy white was my choice since I went with a colorful fabric.

I wish I could say the next part was easy, but it kinda took forever!  I lost count of how many coats...ha ha!  It just seemed like each time I went back I found more area that I needed to cover.  Two cans of spray paint did the trick though. 

Here are a couple before and after pictures:

The chair has a new home in our master bedroom until the rest of the dining set is complete.

This makeover was a ton of fun.  I have never spray painted a chair and I love the way it turned out.  I know it's absolutely ridiculous for a chair to make me happy, but when I come into this room and see this chair I can't help but smile.  Oh the simple things!  Now to make each room feel this way...well, we aren't going anywhere anytime soon so I guess I have plenty of time to "do and re-do".  I'll keep you posted on the progress of the entire set...we'll see what things I can actually get done since summer is here!

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