Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finally Framed

It's difficult to keep up with projects and blog with the kiddos home from school!  Can't believe it's already been over a week since my last post.  We've been busy around here ~ jet skiing and a quick trip to Tucson to visit family.

A little jet skiing at the lake

In the midst of the craziness (having no time to myself), I was able to finish a fun framing project I've been thinking about forever.   I bought some frames from Michael's a long time ago (probably over 8 months ago...yikes!) and have been wanting to use some fun scrapbook paper in them.


The frames were on sale for $9.99 each and I thought they would be perfect above our headboard.  I looked through some of my favorite scrapbook paper I already had, coordinated 4 patterns and laid them out to see which one I liked best.

Once I decided on the four I liked best (the last set looked awesome against the white mat) it was time to take apart the frame and put the paper in.  The awesome part, no cutting!  The frames are 12x12 just like the paper...score!  Take off the backing, pull the stock photo out, lay scrapbook paper in and put backing on.

I thought these would look great above our headboard, but now I am rethinking where I want to put them (of course).  Here they are all finished up and ready to be hung (another project, for another day!).

I love the colors and think they will add some fun to any wall.  Now to just figure out which wall!

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