Monday, June 11, 2012

Medicine Mess

Stuff has been falling out (literally) of my medicine cabinet lately so I figured it was about time to fix the problem!

The medicine cabinet I decided to attack organize is the one in my kitchen.  It has all of the boys medicine and other stuff we normally need in that area of the house.
While I was getting my daily fix on pinterest, I found an organized medicine cabinet that got me itching to organize my that! 

I started with a complete mess:

When working on a project like this everything has to come out so you can see exactly what is hiding in there.  There was so much junk stuff that shouldn't even have been up there!

Fish food with medicine...really?!

Once it was all out on the counter it was time to sort.  I sorted it all into "like" items so I could place them in containers.  I love how in the inspiration picture you see containers and not bottles of medicine everywhere:-)

I wanted to add a little color or should I say happiness to the inside of my cabinet and found some containers that would work perfectly.  I had just scored four orange pencil holders from Ikea for $2.00 on clearance and I had 4 colorful containers that were just waiting for a perfect place.

Then to save time I used some of my favorite printable labels from better homes and gardens.  The best part about these labels is you can find all kinds of sizes to fit all things big and small.  Once printed, I cut out the labels with my scrapbooking life savers.

After they were all cut out I used more scrapbooking goodies (brads) to attach the labels to each container.  I love the happiness of the entire cabinet now!

My cabinet has a middle wood piece so I had to work around it to find the best way to organize everything.  These two pictures show each side (that way you can take a peek at the labels up close).

This is the finished medicine cabinet.  Stuff is no longer falling out and the boys can find bandaids whenever they want (which is pretty much  I also love the fact that there are no lids.  This makes everything easier to get to.

A glimpse full view... and I even have some extra space up top!  Score!

You might wonder where our (hubby and I) prescription medicine is.  It is located in our bathroom medicine cabinet since that just makes more sense.  Luckily for us, we don't have to use much medicine around here which makes organizing much easier!  Have you organized a medicine cabinet lately?  How did it turn out?

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