Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer is Knocking Part 3

My oldest is so excited to start our summer schedule Monday...that just brings a smile to my heart!  He said, "this binder is so cool mom"...another giant smile for me:-)

I found some simple jars at the Dollar Tree to use for each day of the week...score!

Since I didn't have any of those cool vinyl chalkboard decals, I took a risk (yes, this would be a risk for me...ha ha!) and tried out some chalkboard spay paint.  Wood flower cut-outs were a great size for the jar and a great price too ~ .29 each.  I sprayed the flowers with one coat of Kilz primer before spraying them with the chalkboard paint.

They needed two coats of chalkboard paint ~ I used Rustoleum specialty chalkboard spray paint.

The flowers turned out great!  I tested them out to see if the paint really worked like a chalkboard...and yes it did!

I decided to attach the wood piece to the jar with adhesive velcro and it holds great because the small wood flower is extremely light.  Next, Andrew (my 9 year old) and I filled each jar with the activities (printed on yellow paper).  While I printed, he looked through the binder and I could hear his excitement as he was reading the cool!

I cut each activity out with my handy dandy cutter, folded them and put them in the jar of the corresponding day.

The binder and jars will live on our living room coffee table for the summer ~ it actually looks so cool and adds even more color to the space. 

You never know how things like this will go, but I have my fingers crossed that it will add extra fun and excitement to our summer.  Who knows maybe it will be something that continues each summer and will become a special memory for them:-)  Is there something you do over the summer that your kids will have special memories of?

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Hi there - I would love to see the ideas you have for each category for summer - this is so great. If you don't mind sharing - could you email me what is inside the binder to