Thursday, June 7, 2012

Target Bliss

Yesterday I was actually able to visit Target.  Summer shopping is something we try to avoid around here (mainly due to all of the moans and groans)...ha ha!  But, with the help of our summer plan I was able to fit a quick Target trip fix in.  Our main goal was to purchase supplies for our Totally Creative Tuesday activity (Artist Trading Cards) and since we were in the paper and office area I happened to take a peek (I sneaky).  The boys pretty much figured me out...they were already heading to the baseball card area when I spotted these on sale ~

I have seen these every time I go to Target and have really wanted them.  And bingo they were on sale for $12.74 each.  I know, still a bit pricey, but I just love looking at them.  Much more than I enjoy looking at my current file system ~

What a mess!  Maybe the reason  it is such a mess is because it's just ugly (I am sure that's it...ha ha!).  The plan is to fix this mess and transfer my filing system to my new awesome containers.  What is your filing system like at home?  Does it make it easier to maintain if it's pretty?:-)  I promise to keep you posted on my progress!

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