Friday, June 15, 2012

Wise Behavior

I caught my boys comprising today and I felt so relieved!  We have had tons of fighting and bickering with school out and unfortunately not enough compromising.  Then I realized I haven't been giving out any kind of positive energy for brotherly love.  They have been losing things for using unkind words and calling names, but I had forgotten all about rewarding...silly mommy!

This is the way I always want them to look ~ happy and getting along.

Of course, that's just wishful thinking, but maybe I can make this summer a little bit more peaceful by offering some rewards for "wise" behavior.  I whipped up some coupons so I can give them out when I see respectful, positive behavior from the boys.

I created these coupons in microsoft publisher and let the boys help me pick out the owls.  Six fit on one page so I'll be able to print out a bunch at a time.  Here is a close up of a coupon ~

Once they have collected enough coupons they'll be able to turn them in for rewards such as alone time with mommy or daddy, bookmarks, books, or extra computer/t.v. time.  Would something like this work in your house?  I sure am hoping it will help around here! 

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