Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's been over a week again...CrAzY!  How does that happen?  My cutie pies started school yesterday so we've been getting ourselves all ready.  They had a terrific first day!

I have had a fun wood "laugh" word for awhile now that I have been wanting to paint.  I found an awesome color that I thought would be tons of fun.  It is Krylon - Ivy Leaf.

 Here is how it all started:

Kind of blah and I wanted some fun colors to add to my shelf.  The word was only $3.99 from Ross!

I took it outside and gave it about 3 coats of paints.  While I was waiting for the first coat to dry I saw something else I wanted to paint (I told you I was addicted!).

Some bookends I also picked up at Ross.  These took about 3 coats as well.   Remember to do light coats to keep the paint from dripping.  It was so hot outside I was tempted to just spray it on thick, but luckily my sanity returned and I was patient.

First coat ~

After 3 coats ~

Look how awesome they look on the shelf!

I absolutely love this color.  It's so fresh and fun!

What do you think?  Better than black?

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