Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Magazine Holder

As I was walking through Ikea a long, long time ago I spotted some magazine holders with magazine covers glued to the front...very cool!  Not only is it a cool art piece, but it stores the magazines...nice!  This weekend it was time to give it a try.

I started with a pack of ikea magazine files (each pack comes with 2).  I chose black, but any color will do. 

Open, put together and take off metal label holders. 

Decide on the magazine cover you want to display and cut it out.  I had a hard time deciding since I have tons of really awesome home magazines, but I went with Better Homes and Gardens because I have the most of these and they need a storage spot.  I just picked a cover with some of my favorite colors on it.

Next step is to find the center of the cover and cut right down the middle (I used my scrapbook cutter for this to make sure it was straight).

I was really having a great time since Eric was keeping the boys busy (they created a soccer field in the family room...oh joy!)  I really needed to focus on something other than the possibility of broken lamps or picture frames...ha ha!

Mod Podge was my glue of choice, but I am not sure I would do it this way again.  It was extremely difficult to get the bubbles out and with too much glue it wanted to bubble.  I made it work because that's just  how I am, but next time I will try something else or a magazine with a more durable cover.

Once each side was glued on, I put the metal tags back onto the box.  To find the holes in the front, I pushed the pencil through the inside so I could see where the tags needed to go.

It was difficult to get a picture of this part, but here is a close up before the metal pieces are back on.

And ta dah...the finished magazine holders...I really like it!

Here they are in the office shelves.

Much better than plain old black and now I can quickly see where my BHG magazines are.  
Total cost for this project was $4.99 (the cost of the magazine files).  Fun and cheap!

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