Monday, July 16, 2012

Silverware Drawer

A silverware drawer probably shouldn't bring happiness to my life, but after the re-do it sure does make me smile!  Before I had a very basic drawer with a metal silverware holder.  It was nice but was very heavy and made the drawer slam, plus it slid around all over the place in the drawer (you can see the plastic bowls I have in back to try and keep it in place!).  And I think all of the silverware must be in the dishwasher like!!

Pretty boring and ugly so I decided to spruce it up.  Adhesive drawer liner is sometimes hard to come by, but I scored some at my local Dollar Tree!  I purchased it not sure what to do with it and when completing the drawer I thought it would be perfect.  I couldn't believe how nice it was!  I took everything out and cleaned first.

Next, I laid the liner in starting at the front of the drawer (forgot to take pictures of this step).  I didn't even have to cut the width because it fit.  I was tired of the wire silverware holder and picked up a much lighter and prettier option at Ross for $7.99.

I love opening this drawer now!

Not a bad project for $8.99.  Now I just need to do the rest of the drawers in my kitchen!  Done any simple fixes to spruce up a drawer lately?

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