Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunburst Re-do

I finished a sunburst mirror project last month and I was having trouble finding a spot for it.  So my mind starting spinning after picking up some fabric I absolutely love.  I thought the mirror would look awesome above the headboard, but no, the white wasn't working at all.  So I got it in my head to fix it!

This is how it started:

I also decided I didn't like the pointy ends so I cut them off with wire cutters!  I know, crazy!

It took some time, but I really like it much better.  Next, I decided to paint it a different color.  What is wrong with me?  Lol!!

The worst part, the clear gems were already in place so I had to do some taping.

Before I taped (you can see in the first picture) I tried to see if I would like a half blue, half white go!  I took the entire piece out back for some more spray paint.  It took a total of four coats.  I like to do light coats even though it's frustrating to wait it comes out better.  The paint color is Rustoleum Satin Lagoon. made a huge difference!

Things sure do change a lot around here, but I usually like it better the second time around.  Once I finish the headboard I'll give you a peek at the entire room!  It's almost excited!  Anyone else love to change things all the time or finish a project only to change it within a month?

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