Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finally Framed Found A Home

I can't believe how long it's been since I framed this awesome scrapbook paper!  Remember these?

I blogged about them back in June...can you believe I just found a home for them??!!  Wow...time flies.  You can read about them here:  Finally Framed.

They have been sitting in about the same spot for a couple of months now so it's pretty exciting that they are up.  Not sure why it took so long, but hopefully you can relate to the life just got in the way excuse;-)  They have been split up, but believe me it worked out great!

Here are three of them happily hanging in the hallway.  This is an extremely tough spot to get a picture (you can see the wall I am running into on the left...trying not to get a glare), but I tried my best!

A closer shot, but again at an angle to avoid the glare.

The last guy had to find a different home.  He now looks amazing above a bookshelf in the office.

I am smiling inside now that these are up (at least that's one step in the right direction!).  Have you found homes for any long lost projects recently?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Goodwill Steal

One of my favorite things to do is wonder around Goodwill looking for treasure.  The best part - you never know what you'll find!

I stumbled upon an adorable table, but couldn't decide whether I wanted to take it home with me.  So in typical Jodi fashion, I walked out without it and then later that evening started regretting my decision!  Why do I do this?  It was a great price at $9.99!!  Sometimes this behavior doesn't end up being disastrous, but a lot of times it does.  This particular time I got lucky.  It was still there the next day...yippee!!

So, now what to do with this adorable $9.99 table?

It  needs some work, but I think with a little love and some paint it will fit perfectly somewhere in our home.  What color would you paint it?  At first I was thinking white, but the more I look at it I think something a bit more daring would be fun.  It is just paint right? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ghost Town Treasure

Recently we spent the day as a family at Goldfield Ghost Town (located in the Superstition Mountains near Apache Junction, AZ).  I can't believe we hadn't been there!

It was an adorable little town!

As we walked into the reptile exhibit, I spotted an awesome shelf kinda thing.  I haven't decided what in the world I would do with something like that, but I do know I would snatch it up in a heartbeat if I ever saw one for sale.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything like it anywhere (and I've spent way to much time looking online for it!).

What would you do with this piece?  Paint it?  Keep toys in it?  Store books?  Organize craft supplies?  The possibilities are endless!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Very Scary Cabinet

I can't believe my cabinet ever looked like this!!!  It's very scary, but please don't run away (or judge me) before you get to the after shot.

Honestly, it kinda looks like I staged this mess...ha ha!  But you can ask my was a complete disaster.  I had it organized at one time, but over time things just kept getting put thrown in there (especially when people were coming was my hiding place!).

It was time to get this cabinet under control.  Everything came out and was placed on the floor for sorting.

I made three piles:  Things to stay in cabinet, things to relocate, and things to donate.  Unfortunately, I Forgot to get a picture of this step, but I did get an awesome "clean" view of the cabinet.

Because I like little surprises and pretty things, I put some adhesive shelf paper on the bottom shelf.  My measuring technique was pretty simple.  Just roll out the adhesive and bend it where it needed to be cut...very technical huh?  There are straight lines on the back of the paper so it was easy to cut in a straight line.


Then I worked my way across slowly pulling the back off the paper and adhering the liner to the shelf.  I did this a little bit at a time so I wouldn't get bubbles.

I had a little bit of shelf showing in the back, but once all of the goodies were inside it didn't matter (out of sight...awesome!).

You'll notice I added some fun labels to all of the boxes and drawers so we'll know what and where everything is.  Hopefully this will keep the boys (and me) organized.  I printed all of the labels off from BHG and laminated them so they will last longer.

This entire project makes me smile!  I know it sounds crazy, but it's true:-) 

Check out the before and after.  Awesome right?

What cabinets in your house make you smile?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Now that I am changing the entire look of the house this wallpaper must go.  Out with browns, oranges and with cool whites, blues and greens.

It's cool, but just doesn't go with the new color scheme.  A close up would probably help you get a better idea of what it looks like.

I love the chevron curtains so I am going to try and find a wallpaper that can work with them.  Here are some of the ones I found.

I was instantly drawn to this ikat wallpaper.

This one is awesome too.

Maybe the same pattern in a darker color?

Or I could go the all gray route (kinda boring though!).

Wow...these are fun!

Sometimes I am a bit scared to put pattern on pattern, but it really can work.




I think I may still be on the hunt, but I've learned lots of tips for mixing patterns from my searching.  Do you like mixing patterns when decorating? 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ikea Fun

The second week back in school meant it was time for an Ikea trip!  My friend needed some expedit shelves so that was our main mission, but I came home with some fun stuff too!

They are currently in the process of re-doing most of the areas so it was a bit of a mess.  Still fun, but we can't wait to go back and see all of the new products and areas.

First, I found the most adorable, amazing little cart.  I just had to have it!

Another thing I must have (someday) is this full bed that has the most incredible storage.  There are drawers on both sides!  How cool would this be in a kids room?  Our bedrooms are small so we would not get the shelf headboard and that would save us quite a bit on the cost. 

Lights, lights, lights...I love lights!  I already have one of these lights, but I love how they have put two together for a larger look.  Maybe you'll see two of these in my house!  And check out that awesome colorful new fabric hanging behind the cool!

This fabric has been on my mind for over a year so I couldn't leave without some.  It was also on sale for $3.99 a yard!  So I took 3 yards home with me.

I brought home the cart, fabric, one frame and some candles.  This was a very successful trip for me (I wasn't supposed to spend too much!)  Next time who knows what will!  Don't you just love Ikea?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Curtain Fabric

Surprise,'s time for a change in the living room!  I have already been slowly changing the living room and dining room.  It started out very formal and it just wasn't working for our family.

What I am focusing on right now are the curtains.  The entire color scheme is changing and the curtains just are not working!

Here are the current curtains:

I found some fabric at Hobby Lobby that I love (and of course it's chevron!).  Unfortunately, the fabric is very popular and sells out in about a day!  The shipment comes in on Tuesdays so I am going to go this morning and see if I can get my final 3 yards!  Fingers crossed they still have some (yesterday was too busy with appointments and I forgot my coupon!).

Check it out:

It is $8.99 a yard, but I use a 40% off coupon which makes it an awesome price.  About $16 for 3 for me.

I put the fabric up to see if I love it:

Chevron or stripe?  I am really liking the chevron.  The gray goes much better with the new color