Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Curtain Fabric

Surprise,'s time for a change in the living room!  I have already been slowly changing the living room and dining room.  It started out very formal and it just wasn't working for our family.

What I am focusing on right now are the curtains.  The entire color scheme is changing and the curtains just are not working!

Here are the current curtains:

I found some fabric at Hobby Lobby that I love (and of course it's chevron!).  Unfortunately, the fabric is very popular and sells out in about a day!  The shipment comes in on Tuesdays so I am going to go this morning and see if I can get my final 3 yards!  Fingers crossed they still have some (yesterday was too busy with appointments and I forgot my coupon!).

Check it out:

It is $8.99 a yard, but I use a 40% off coupon which makes it an awesome price.  About $16 for 3 for me.

I put the fabric up to see if I love it:

Chevron or stripe?  I am really liking the chevron.  The gray goes much better with the new color

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