Friday, August 10, 2012

Very Scary Cabinet

I can't believe my cabinet ever looked like this!!!  It's very scary, but please don't run away (or judge me) before you get to the after shot.

Honestly, it kinda looks like I staged this mess...ha ha!  But you can ask my was a complete disaster.  I had it organized at one time, but over time things just kept getting put thrown in there (especially when people were coming was my hiding place!).

It was time to get this cabinet under control.  Everything came out and was placed on the floor for sorting.

I made three piles:  Things to stay in cabinet, things to relocate, and things to donate.  Unfortunately, I Forgot to get a picture of this step, but I did get an awesome "clean" view of the cabinet.

Because I like little surprises and pretty things, I put some adhesive shelf paper on the bottom shelf.  My measuring technique was pretty simple.  Just roll out the adhesive and bend it where it needed to be cut...very technical huh?  There are straight lines on the back of the paper so it was easy to cut in a straight line.


Then I worked my way across slowly pulling the back off the paper and adhering the liner to the shelf.  I did this a little bit at a time so I wouldn't get bubbles.

I had a little bit of shelf showing in the back, but once all of the goodies were inside it didn't matter (out of sight...awesome!).

You'll notice I added some fun labels to all of the boxes and drawers so we'll know what and where everything is.  Hopefully this will keep the boys (and me) organized.  I printed all of the labels off from BHG and laminated them so they will last longer.

This entire project makes me smile!  I know it sounds crazy, but it's true:-) 

Check out the before and after.  Awesome right?

What cabinets in your house make you smile?

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