Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brown to Gray

Wow...who would have thought changing a color in an office could take so long!!  I am finishing up the painting, but have tons of organizing still to do.

The previous brown color was very dark and boring.

Busted...check out the computer screen!!

My mother had to stay with us for about a month so a twin bed took the place of the large desk.  Once the desk was out I decided it would be the perfect time to paint.  This process started over 5 months hoo:-(  Why do things take me so long?

Another thing I've done is tackle some filing CrAzYnEsS.

Most importantly check out the new color going up on the walls:  Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore

Today I finished some edging before I went to have some fun at the dentist.  I wasn't able to finish completely so I put my brush in a plastic Target bag (no washing off necessary).  Once I got back it was still all ready to go.  I edged more until I had to go pick up the kiddos from school and edged some more until I had to make snacks for soccer practice.  And I wonder why I have trouble finishing things!!

The new color is looking so crisp and clean I can't wait to show the finished room.     

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