Monday, October 29, 2012

Pink Pine Cones

I loved this picture when I spotted it on pinterest. 

Do you ever feel like all you do is pin?  Me too, so to finally finish a project from one of my boards was so much fun.

The pine cones had been sitting outside for about 5 months waiting to be!  They have finally been sprayed and I love, love, love it!

First I placed the pine cones in a box so I could spray them easily.

As you can see I tested out some colors before deciding.  The process helped me realize how much easier it would be to place them in a box to spray.  It takes a lot of coats to get them thoroughly covered!

Four coats later they looked like this - Still more coats needed!

Six coats later:

I felt like they needed a bit more since you can still see some brown.  So I sprayed yet again!  After each coat I waited at least 30 minutes.

Finally they looked fabulous!

The pink is so much fun!  I love this simple addition to the living room and you can't beat the price!


 Thank you pinterest!  Have you finished any pinterest projects lately?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cabinet Door Turned Wall Art

Not sure where time has gone!  The goal when I started this blog was to try and post twice a week, but lately that has not been hoo!

I have been working on some cool projects though...yippee!  It's been at least 6 months or more since I found some awesome cabinet doors in Ikea's clearance section.  I scored this door for $4.00!

Recently I purchased some really cool shelf liner from TJ Maxx and decided to try it on these doors.

Shelf liner can be a bit tricky, but since it is removable it can easily be adjusted (which is perfect for me because I tend to mess up on the first try!).  There are three sections I wanted to cover so I just laid the shelf liner out and made marks where I needed to cut.

I guess I could also measure, but I work much better with creases...ha ha!  Once I cut the paper I placed it in the opening and slowly removed the backing of the liner.  To keep it from bubbling it's best to place your hand it the middle and spread out (if that makes any sense).  It is hard to explain!

I had some extra overhang in some spots which I cut off with my straight edge razor.

I love how it turned out!

Now what to do with the inside?  I found some ikea frames I already had and realized they would fit perfectly inside the three spaces.  But what to put in the frames?  Quotes of course!  I searched online for quotes with the right sayings and colors (creating my own would just take too much time!).  The quotes were put into the frames and the final step was to glue the frames to the cabinet.

I did measure this time to make sure I got each frame centered.

Here it is drying...

And the best shot I could get of the completed makeover.

The wall I want to place it on isn't painted yet (or should I say re-painted), so that reveal will have to happen  later.  What do you think?  I enjoy how colorful and fresh it feels.  Creating something unique for our home is so much fun! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kitchen Cabinet Craziness

My kitchen is in need of complete organization!  Other than the silverware drawer post I haven't really done much to organize the kitchen lately.

The boys are home for another week and while they were playing table top football I decided to tackle a cabinet that has been driving me nuts.

Kids need water bottles...there is just no way around it.  I don't like buying them from the store (unless we are having a party), so I buy reusable bottles which means we also need a place to store them.

When the cabinet was opened I immediately wanted to close can see why!

Yikes.  How in the world did this happen?  Why are there lids with the water bottles?  Time to take everything out and start over.

Some of this craziness is because things were in the cabinet that did not belong there.  Tupperware has to go somewhere else (I think there is another crazy cabinet to clean out...ha ha!).

Since I had everything out I just had to get out the contact paper...yippee!  Actually I am lying...first I tried wrapping paper because the contact paper doesn't fit all the way to the back.

See what I mean.  If you have ever tried to blend a contact paper pattern when it doesn't fit you know why I didn't want to go through this, but I decided I couldn't live with the wrapping paper.

Cute, but not quite right for the kitchen.  So back to the contact paper...first I had to lay it out and fold it back so I would know where to cut.

It's much easier for me to do it this way instead of me crazy!:-)   Next I just cut along my folded line.  I had to cut two pieces since I would have to line them up somehow to cover the entire bottom of the cabinet.

Now the difficult part...laying the contact paper.  I started at one end (only taking the baking off a little at a time).  Make sure to push the paper down from the center to spread it out (this will keep the bubbling down).

Once it was in I had to take my second piece and try and line it fun. fun.

You can see up top where the first piece stops.  It just seemed like too much space so I had to attempt to line up the paper.  I placed the paper down exactly the same way I did the first.  Honestly it wasn't easy, but I think it turned out pretty good.


You can see in the upper left corner where there is a little missing, but to get the pattern to line up I had no choice.  Once I got everything back in place it didn't matter.

I printed some labels from Better Homes and Gardens which should help keep everything organized and neat!

Doesn't it feel so good to have a clean organized cabinet?  I just love it!!  Plus I got to add a few things to my Goodwill feels really good to get rid of "stuff".
One last shot of the finished happy!

Monday, October 8, 2012


We just returned from a fantastic vacation in San Diego!  I wish I could say I did some shopping on the trip, but I just couldn't find the hoo!  I would have loved to visit the Ocean Beach Antique District.

I must go here on my next visit to San Diego!

There just didn't seem to be enough days to fit everything in.  Having a beach rental (and boys) means most of our time was spent out on the beach.

We also had to fit in a Sea World visit!

And ride our favorite ride.  There was absolutely no waiting all day (you have to love October!).   

We had such a great trip!  Anyone been to the Ocean Beach Antique District or San Diego recently?  So. Much. Fun.