Monday, October 22, 2012

Cabinet Door Turned Wall Art

Not sure where time has gone!  The goal when I started this blog was to try and post twice a week, but lately that has not been hoo!

I have been working on some cool projects though...yippee!  It's been at least 6 months or more since I found some awesome cabinet doors in Ikea's clearance section.  I scored this door for $4.00!

Recently I purchased some really cool shelf liner from TJ Maxx and decided to try it on these doors.

Shelf liner can be a bit tricky, but since it is removable it can easily be adjusted (which is perfect for me because I tend to mess up on the first try!).  There are three sections I wanted to cover so I just laid the shelf liner out and made marks where I needed to cut.

I guess I could also measure, but I work much better with creases...ha ha!  Once I cut the paper I placed it in the opening and slowly removed the backing of the liner.  To keep it from bubbling it's best to place your hand it the middle and spread out (if that makes any sense).  It is hard to explain!

I had some extra overhang in some spots which I cut off with my straight edge razor.

I love how it turned out!

Now what to do with the inside?  I found some ikea frames I already had and realized they would fit perfectly inside the three spaces.  But what to put in the frames?  Quotes of course!  I searched online for quotes with the right sayings and colors (creating my own would just take too much time!).  The quotes were put into the frames and the final step was to glue the frames to the cabinet.

I did measure this time to make sure I got each frame centered.

Here it is drying...

And the best shot I could get of the completed makeover.

The wall I want to place it on isn't painted yet (or should I say re-painted), so that reveal will have to happen  later.  What do you think?  I enjoy how colorful and fresh it feels.  Creating something unique for our home is so much fun! 

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