Thursday, December 27, 2012

Niche Happiness

Wow...We survived Christmas (hosting and all!).  Christmas is always tons of fun, but after all is said and done I feel like I need to sleep for a  Just before Christmas I finished a fun project that I have been dying to share.

I have fallen in love with color!  The house is slowly changing one room at a time and I am so happy with the changes:-)

One of my biggest scariest areas is in the "formal" living room (I hate calling it that...there is nothing formal about our!).  There is this giant niche on one wall that is just crazy.  Most of the time I honestly wish the wall were just a plain old wall.

Here is a peek of the niche before I got down and dirty with paint and projects.

Don't you just love the side tables I found at a local antique mall?  Just perfect for my new room...unfortunately in this picture it is completely out of place.

To get things started I decided on paint colors.  I have already changed my hallway and office to a gray color and this is exactly where the rest of the house is going.

The colors - Benjamin Moore Moonshine and Dragonfly in Matte Finish.

For some reason I only have one before picture and no during shots...oops.

I did get a picture of the niche before everything was put in.

I cut out pieces of paper in the shapes of the goodies I wanted to hang.  This way I could move them around to see how I liked it best.  Notice my cool cabinet door wall art?  You can see how I did that here: cabinet door wall art.  I didn't get to finish the edging along the ceiling yet...oh man!

In the end it turned out fun...

You can see I haven't finished painting or doing the window treatments, but the niche is done...score!


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