Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Organization

The weather in Arizona has not been cooperating so it took a lot longer to get the crazy Christmas "stuff" organized and put away.  The weekend I had planned to do it was freezing (well, freezing for AZ!) and I refused to go outside.  Beautiful weather returned and I finally finished!

I promised myself I would not just throw things in boxes to get them out of my!  This was also my plan last year, but I didn't follow hoo:-(  No better time than the present to fix organize my disaster!

Everything must be taken out so things can be thrown out, donated, or kept.

All of the reindeer and lights were stashed in the third garage so those had to be organized too.  I filled each box with only the stuff I wanted to keep (Goodwill got 2 huge bags and an old Christmas tree from this purge...yippee!).

Onto my favorite part...labels!!  I am not sure why this makes me so happy, but I think it has to do with the fact that I now feel in charge of this "stuff"...YES!  I created a label for each box listing the contents, laminated the list (I am addicted to the laminator!) and stuck it to the box.  Finally, each box was put in a home in the garage.


All of the boxes are kept in the same garage.  Some on shelves above the garage door and the rest on shelves on the side walls.  This was well worth the time.  I was even able to get rid of a horrible ugly brown tree box!  I got rid of so much stuff I had an entire container left over to fit our new tree!  So cool!  Now the only thing off is the one "blue" box that holds Christmas "stuff" course that would drive me a little crazy!

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