Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coffee Table Style

What a weekend!  We have  been very busy with soccer the last few weeks.  Hubby is coaching the little guys team and the big guy had a soccer tournament in Tucson this weekend.  Eric and Cade missed Andrew's first game since they had to stay in Chandler for Cade's first game (how do people do this with more kids?), but drove to Tucson right after to catch Andrew's second game.  Yikes that is a mouthful! 

Early Sunday morning...more soccer!  The boys had so much fun (even thought we paid for it yesterday!).  Andrew's team took first place in their division!

Oh yeah...I was doing a post on coffee tables!  More specifically coffee table styling.  I am dying for a new couch, but haven't had the money to purchase it yet so I decided that maybe a new coffee table arrangement would hold me over until we can get the new couch.

Here is a sneak peek at the it!
Moving the fun blue coffee table into the family room is a way to distract me keep me from obsessing about the new!

Adding some color to the boring living room has done the trick!  

Placing a small item next to the large vase adds nice visual interest, while grouping items on the tray keeps it contained and organized.

Have you restyled a coffee table lately or added color to a space to "help you live with it"?

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