Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Simple Teacher Gift

Let's get this show on the road!  I have really been slacking lately on posts:-(  So to start the New Year off right I am going to share a great and simple teacher gift (one I give often).

I was responsible for the group gift this year and created an accordion gift card holder (that was not the simple!), but the second part of the gift could easily be the only gift given if you don't have the entire class "thing" going on.

Simply print out a super cute quote (I just search online until I find what I am looking for).  I found mine at Full of Great Ideas.  She has some really adorable printables...and who doesn't love saving some time?  I purchased my frame at TJ Maxx (love, love, love that store!!). 

Once that was done I decided to place the accordion gift card holder inside and hold it all together with a cute ribbon (purchased from Joanne at 50% off).  If I wasn't doing the gift card holder for the class it would have been darling with the ribbon and a card from the family.

And who doesn't love a cute stocking hanging from ribbon?  It was fun doing something other than putting it all in a gift bag (which is my "go to" way of wrapping

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