Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wall Flats

Check this out!  I was watching Kitchen Cousins the other day (they were actually re-doing an entire house instead of a kitchen) and they used these really cool wall tiles on an entire wall in the house.  They looked so awesome I decided to find them and check them out.

Aren't they just so cool?  And they come in all different types...I happened to love this style and I wanted it to replace some wallpaper (which I really liked when we put it in), but it no longer works with my new colorful happy style.

Here is the boo-hoo part.  They are $124 per box and each box contains 12 tiles to cover a total of 32.3 sq. ft.  Well, I would need 7 boxes to cover this wall!  You can't see the entire's 12.8 ft long.

Check this one cool!

Picturing this on my wall makes my smile, the price not so much!  This one is actually cheaper than the first, but only has 10 tiles per box so it really doesn't make a difference.  Completely out of my budget!  I wonder if I can figure out a cool DIY idea??? my head is spinning!

What do you think of the wall tiles?  You can check them all out at in habit living.

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