Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Brown to White

I am super tired of brown!  To make some of my current decor work I've had to take some drastic measures.  O.k. not really, I just had to grab some spray paint!

I pulled these off the wall and decided to brighten them up!  After dusting them, it was time for some primer and paint.

I started with a thin coat of spray primer.  After letting the pieces dry completely I gave them light coats of spray paint.  I am super impatient, but believe me doing more light coats is much better then having the paint drip!

It took about 3 coats to get these exactly how I wanted them.

You can see I actually liked the fact that a bit of brown was still showing through.  It just felt like it gave them some character.

A nice, new fresh look!

Brown or white?  Which is your favorite?  Or would you have gone a little more crazy...maybe yellow or orange?  Well, it won't be hard to change if I decide I don't love it.  And the cost...zilch! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fix That Owl

Well, it took less than 24 hours to change the shelf in the!  I guess as I was taking pictures I didn't realize how weird it would be to be a male and have an owl staring at you while you take care of business!

I walked in to use the newly decorated bathroom to find the owl turned backwards...hubby kindly told me it was very weird to have an owl staring at you.

Here is the before...owl and all...

And the new and improved shelf (minus one owl)...

Hopefully this will last longer than 24!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Master Bathroom Progress

I have neglected our master bathroom for about...8 years!  As of two weeks ago it was still the builders paint color!  Oh my!  The thought of painting a bathroom is just. not. fun.  Tight space and lots of edging doesn't make it easy to start or finish.

Funniest part is that I have had the paint for well over a year (o.k...I guess that really isn't funny)!  Hubby took out the paint about 2 weeks ago and did all of the rolling...Awesome!!  Weeks later I was still looking at the edging that needed to be done (this was my job) and realized I can't move forward on anything else  until I get this job done! 

I can't say I got it all done, but I did finish the smallest of the rooms and even put a shelf above the toilet!

It would have been nice to take a before picture, but I am not sure where my brain was before we started all of this work!  The baseboards are the same color the walls used to be.

I love how it turned out!  We'll see how long the shelf stays styled the same..things move around all over our house.

The box on top of the toilet holds toilet wipes.  Until I find the right size basket this will have to do.  The lid just lifts up so it's super easy for the boys (since they love to use every toilet in our house!).

The shelf cost less than $10 at Home Depot.  In the organizing section you can get any size board you want and pick out the brackets.

The shelf adds a fun touch to an otherwise pretty boring space.  Wish I had a before picture, but you'll just have to trust me when I say it looks a million times better!  

I think a nice window panel would be another fun touch, but first I have to finish edging the rest of the master bathroom...which is about 5 times the size of this miniature space!  Maybe this will help push me past the finish line!  Anything you've been putting off forever for 8 years? 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Of course the boys are excited about taking their valentines to school today.  I think they are more excited about the parties in their classes and the candy they will get!

Each year we make our own Valentines and it's starting to get difficult to think of new ideas.  I like to stay away from candy since I figure they will get plenty!  My favorite place to go looking for ideas is The Dollar Tree (other than pinterest of course) and simple. 

Cade's class (2nd grade) just finished a unit on seeds so I thought this would be adorable for Valentine's Day.

He loved putting them together...super simple!  I printed out the saying so he could easily just stick it on the front of the bag.  My first thought was to use tags, but he needed to be able to put everything together himself.

Total cost: $8
24 packs of flower seeds - $6
2 sets of bags - $2
Labels - already had

Andrew is in 4th grade so it gets a bit more tricky (we wouldn't want any girls to get the wrong!).  But we came up with a great idea that would work for both boys and girls.

All it took were small notepads, pencils, a bag and a label.

Total cost: $14
Notepads - $9 packs (he has 25 in his class and there were only 3 in a pack)
Pencils - $3 (again he has 25 in his class and each pack only had 12...figures!)
Bags - $2

Happy Valentine's Day:-)  Now I am off to enjoy the parties!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hallway Hooks

Last time I shared details about the hallway it was about adding shelving.  Now that it's been almost 3 months (yikes!), and I have finally mounted my hooks to the wall.  Getting out the drill to hang them wasn't the easiest thing in the world for me.

Afraid of the drill anyone?  I know it's crazy, but I always ask hubby to do any kind of drilling around here. Seriously, I am afraid of making a mistake...go figure!  Not this time...determination set in and I got to work.

Really I was afraid of this?

I think I am more afraid of  not getting things level, but some painters tape and a level work wonders!


It's difficult to hold a long level and take a picture at the same time!  I used the level to make sure my second one would be perfectly even with the first.  Oh and notice I had to use drywall anchors with the screws since I wasn't drilling into a stud.

It may not look even, but I promise it is.  Check it out!

Now I don't have to hang my purse on the cabinet...yippee.  It's going to take some time getting used to...this week I have found myself looking for my purse more than once!  Don't you love it when lists look like this?

Paint hallway
Add colorful decals
Mount 2 floating shelves (for added storage)
Add more lighting to hallway (it's very dark in this little niche)
Organize inside of cabinets
Use hooks on opposite wall to hang purses and possibly light jackets
Add art to walls (One wall is done, but not the other side)