Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From Brown to White

I am super tired of brown!  To make some of my current decor work I've had to take some drastic measures.  O.k. not really, I just had to grab some spray paint!

I pulled these off the wall and decided to brighten them up!  After dusting them, it was time for some primer and paint.

I started with a thin coat of spray primer.  After letting the pieces dry completely I gave them light coats of spray paint.  I am super impatient, but believe me doing more light coats is much better then having the paint drip!

It took about 3 coats to get these exactly how I wanted them.

You can see I actually liked the fact that a bit of brown was still showing through.  It just felt like it gave them some character.

A nice, new fresh look!

Brown or white?  Which is your favorite?  Or would you have gone a little more crazy...maybe yellow or orange?  Well, it won't be hard to change if I decide I don't love it.  And the cost...zilch! 

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