Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Of course the boys are excited about taking their valentines to school today.  I think they are more excited about the parties in their classes and the candy they will get!

Each year we make our own Valentines and it's starting to get difficult to think of new ideas.  I like to stay away from candy since I figure they will get plenty!  My favorite place to go looking for ideas is The Dollar Tree (other than pinterest of course) and simple. 

Cade's class (2nd grade) just finished a unit on seeds so I thought this would be adorable for Valentine's Day.

He loved putting them together...super simple!  I printed out the saying so he could easily just stick it on the front of the bag.  My first thought was to use tags, but he needed to be able to put everything together himself.

Total cost: $8
24 packs of flower seeds - $6
2 sets of bags - $2
Labels - already had

Andrew is in 4th grade so it gets a bit more tricky (we wouldn't want any girls to get the wrong!).  But we came up with a great idea that would work for both boys and girls.

All it took were small notepads, pencils, a bag and a label.

Total cost: $14
Notepads - $9 packs (he has 25 in his class and there were only 3 in a pack)
Pencils - $3 (again he has 25 in his class and each pack only had 12...figures!)
Bags - $2

Happy Valentine's Day:-)  Now I am off to enjoy the parties!

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