Friday, March 8, 2013

Bookshelf Wrapped Up

Back in June of 2012 I backed a bookshelf with fabric and I liked it for awhile, but I just couldn't find a place for the shelf to work.  You can see my first try with the bookshelf here.

I thought I liked the fabric at the time, but after living with for a few months I really didn't like it all that!  It only sat there about 6 months before I finally got around to changing fixing it, but it's finally done!

Some polka dots were in order!  I started by taking the back off of the shelf and wrapping it with wrapping paper.  Yes...I literally just wrapped it like a present.

Sorry the second picture is blurry, but you can pretty much get the idea.  I just used regular tape to tape it down on the back.  Next step was to put it back together and "ta da" a brand new look.

Don't pay much attention to the still has to be changed!

Now I guess I better get started on that wallpaper project considering the rest of the room is coming together quite nicely!  Love the pop of white and it was so simple and super cheap!

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