Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shower Curtain on Canvas

I stumbled across this adorable fabric shower curtain at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago.

Great price at $14.99 since some fabric can cost that much for one yard.  And guess what I happened to have on hand...a huge 48x36 inch canvas!  We picked up the canvas at 50% off for a painting project Eric had in mind, but it's been in the garage forever (like at least a year!) so I think it's safe to say I can steal it for my own little!

 I threw the shower curtain over the canvas just to make sure I wanted to give this a shot.

Love the it was definitely a go.  As you can see the shower curtain needed to be ironed before I could even start.  I. Hate. Ironing.  So to make it more fun I turned on American Idol and got to work!

It took some time to get all most of the wrinkles out since I only have a small ironing board.  Once it was finished good enough I got the staple gun out and got busy.  The canvas itself gave me a perfect line to follow when stapling.

The toughest part of "wrapping" the canvas was getting the corners nice and neat.  It's very hard to describe, but I tried to get some pictures to do the talking.

The corners came out very clean and crisp...yippee!  I just worked my way around the entire canvas pulling tightly to make sure it was very snug (this way you'll have no creasing).

I saved all of the cutting for the very end.  

Here is a view from the side...looks really cool!

I like how it turned out...the colors make me smile!

The shower curtain canvas ended up in our powder room (who knows how long it will stay there!).  This room still needs to be painted, but the canvas sure does brighten it up for now!

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