Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clean or Dirty?

"I didn't know if the dishes were clean or dirty."  Do you ever hear this in your house?  Happens a lot!  Finally I just stuck a piece of paper on the dishwasher to show whether they were clean or dirty.  I found a funny elephant clip I think the kids made 5 years ago to hold the paper! 

I was looking at it and decided it was time to get!  I created the words in Microsoft Excel and they turned out very cute!

Next I got all the supplies out I would need.  Scrapbook paper (I ended up using smaller papers that were already the perfect size), mod podge, gorilla glue, tape, clothes pin, magnet strip, and laminator.

Very simple and quick...tape the words onto scrapbook paper, tape the two papers back to back, mod podge scrapbook paper to clothes pin, gorilla glue magnetic strip to back of clothes pin and finally laminate the scrapbook paper for durability. 

It looks a million times better!

Now there should be no more excuses right?  Lol!!

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