Friday, May 10, 2013

A Happy Fridge

I can't even believe I am going to show this hot mess!!  It has been driving me crazy and I am sure you can see!

I don't even know what happened??!!  I had to take everything out, read expiration dates, throw out old left overs and basically just be grossed out by what was in my poor fridge. 

It was time to get serious and line the shelves with some fun place mats (maybe this way I'll keep it organized!).  I found the perfect ones at Ikea for $1.99 (pack of 4).

Aren't they so colorful and fun?  I lined only the shelves I can see.  Unfortunately they didn't fit perfectly, but I just cut them to size.

My fridge is now super happy!!

The side wasn't too bad to begin with, but moving things from the shelves to their place on the side made a gigantic difference in the amount of space on the shelves!   And look at that, the drawer is even nice and organized!

See the happy bird place mats?  Much more fun to open the fridge now!  

Oh, I completely forgot to share where I purchased all the fun organizers.  The white with the handles came from Walmart for only $1.49 each and the small white ones are from Walmart as well.  I think they were about $2.00 for a pack of 2.  The blue with the handles are from The Dollar Tree.  

Containers make all of the difference!  Anyone done any fridge organizing lately or added fun shelf liners for a little fun?

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