Monday, May 20, 2013

Pendant Lights - Finally

It's been a loooonnnggg time since I wrote about my poor pendant light that shattered!  My original post is here - Pendant Light.  I can't believe that post was back in!!

Having to get 3 lights made my decision pretty difficult.  Most of the lights I really wanted were just way too expensive!  Of course I wanted a different color so just replacing the glass was going to be a small fortune.

I wanted a change... more red.

Wondering around Ikea I spotted a light I thought might work.  And the best part, each light was only $19.99...yes you  heard  me right!!  I snagged that price I can even change them out when I get tired of them (which is bound to happen!).

These lights are KROBY Pendant Lamps from Ikea.  I think it will change the look of the entire space...the small red ones kinda got lost in the sea of cabinets.  Do you think they'll look good?  Later this week I'll show you how it turned out!

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