Monday, May 13, 2013

Scrapbook Storage

I have scrapbook supplies all over the house!  Honestly...all. over. the. place.  It starts in our master bedroom in 3 drawers and in a box under the bed, in the coat closet at the entry, in the hall closet with all the sheets, in Andrew's closet, and of course the living!!  Listing all of the places makes me wonder what in the world is wrong with me!!

Storing everything in one place has been a challenge...obviously, but I think I have a solution...yippee!!

There is one wall in my living room that drives me crazy so I've decided to line it with Ikea shelves (Expedit) and see if I can fit all of my supplies in one place.  We had one of these shelves already in the playroom and I moved it to the living room (kinda left the playroom a mess...yikes!).  Next was a trip to Ikea (oh darn!) to pick up another shelf.  Once I had it all put together it was time to see how it looked. 

Look at all of that storage!!  I hope I can figure out a way to make everything fit.  Check out my cart in the middle.  What do you think?  I already organized my ribbon and paint which was also in 3 different containers (couldn't resist doing a little colorful organizing!).

Next step is to gather all of my supplies and decide which containers I need from Ikea.  Looks like I get to make another trip! 

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