Friday, June 28, 2013

Glass Table Catastrophe

We have had a beautiful Ikea glass table top.  I fell in love with it and had to have it!

It's been in our house for at least 2 years now although I can't say it's been in one!  Recently I moved it into our master bedroom where it looked awesome (wish I had a picture, but who could guess their table would explode!).

After hearing a gigantic explosion/crash (it was crazy...I had no idea what could have made that noise) we searched the house and found this...

What a mess!  I still can't believe it...I loved this table and am sad to see it go, but am relieved nobody was in the room when it shattered.  The glass was everywhere...under the bed, into the hallway and even into the master bath.

Anyone else have a glass table top shatter for no apparent reason?

No more glass table tops for this matter how much I love it!

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