Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Kitchen Paint

Honestly I really despise the space in my kitchen between the upper cabinets and the ceiling.  What do you do with this space?  Here was my first attempt at some kind of decorating...needs. to. go. 

In the last post I painted the island Benjamin Moore Moonshine and love it!  What better time to paint since I had everything out already.  I started by taking all of the junk decorations down.  Guess what I found...gross!

Wow...that's a lot of dust!  Before I could even paint I had to clean up the entire space...yuck.  I have to say painting above these cabinets was not the easiest thing.  I thought my arm might fall off or worse I might come crashing down off the ladder.  Luckily the boys didn't have to call 911...I survived!

You can see the previous color over on the far left and little behind the fridge.  I am seriously in love with Benjamin Moore paint.  The coverage is awesome!  Here is the shot of the before pic again and then the after so you can see them next to one another.


What a difference a little paint makes.  The new color makes me fresh and clean. 

Not sure what I am going to do above those crazy cabinets.  It screams for something, but I just need to figure out what.  Check out behind the fridge...since I am standing on the couch I can see the old color behind the fridge.  I didn't have the energy to pull it out to paint behind it!  Guess I better get on that in case someone decides to stand on my couch...ha! 

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