Thursday, June 13, 2013

Painted Island

I have been dying to see how the color I chose in the living room will look in the kitchen and family room so I decided to tackle painting the island.  The boys were playing nicely together (summer is going so. so. so slow, but on this day I got lucky) so I just went for it!

Here is what I started with...

Very yellow and very dirty!  Look at those baseboards...eeeewwwww.  I took a scrubber and scrubbed the baseboards before I started and I taped along the edge of the island near the cabinets.

Then it was time to get painting!  The color I used is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore in the Matte finish.  I love that the paint is not shiny, but is still washable.  We currently have paint that is not hoo!  Since the paint has been on our walls for about 7 years that is not a good thing (especially with kids).  What were we thinking??!!

I did not tape along the baseboards or around the corbels (since I paint so much I can free hand those edges).

Awesome is all I can say about the color!!

Out with the yellowish tone and in with the grayish tone.  As I stared at the island for about 20 minutes something just wasn't working for me.

The corbels just didn't look good with the black stools or the new paint color.  I am pretty sick of our cabinet color so that probably doesn't help.  Just. Too. Orangy.  I can't change the cabinets right now, but why not paint the corbels?

I taped around the edge and got out the primer and paint.

Starting with a sponge brush I primed the corbels first.

If I did it again I would probably do another coat of primer, but I guess I was hurrying and was running out of patience...ha!  After 2 coats of paint it still needed another.  Wait, wait, wait...I waited about 45 minutes to an hour in between each coat.

It took 3 coats of Behr White Zero VOC to complete the project.

All finished!

Loving how fresh and clean it looks (the last pic has a glare from the stools that I could not seem to get rid of!). 

Should I have painted the corbels?  What about the wall?  I guess we'll see more when the entire room is done, but so far I really like the change...yippee!

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