Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Couch Happiness!

My friend and I made our beginning of the school year trip to Ikea and there was a huge surprise in store for us!

After looking at the Karlstad couch for about the millionth time (I guess I didn't post about the couch I have been in love with for over a year...crazy) I finally decided on a color.  Originally I had wanted to go with the darker gray.

Then as we looked closer we realized the fabric was going to show way too much dirt and food from two three crazy boys.  So I decided on a fabric with more weave, but still gray (just lighter).
The best part about this sofa is that even though it is lighter it will still hide the yuckies much better because of the weave pattern.

Now for the most exciting part!  When we leave Ikea we always check the "as is/return" section (you never know what you might find!) and staring at us was the most beautiful Karlsad couch...with. a. chaise!  Yes the same couch, but with a chaise for less!  This couch with a chaise retails for $1199.00.   I was not planning on getting the couch with the chaise, but it was less than the plain sectional (it retails for $899.00).

The one sitting in front of us was $749!!  Absolutely nothing wrong with it (except that it was too big for the person who returned it).  Score!  I have been saving for over a year to get this couch and I am happy to say it is now ours!

In with the new

I am so excited I actually started painting the family room!  Find any awesome deals lately on something you have wanted for a long time?  So. much. fun.

Check out what the new couch replaced...

Out with the old

I was so tired of this poor brown couch (and that was all that was in the room)!!  The new couch makes me smile and I can't wait to finish the family room now...yippee!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simple Painted Frame

It started with a wood frame.  I love wood, but there is just too much of it everywhere in my house.  Just because I have moved away from rustic colors doesn't mean I want to have to get rid of everything I already have.  Take a look at this frame:

Nice frame, but I really wanted to freshen it up.  Plus, little guy is now 8 so it's probably time to change out this photo!

I took the picture out and the back off and got to work.

One coat of Kilz primer and about 4 coats of Gloss White.  Make sure to leave plenty of time between each coat of paint...even if you are impatient like me.

I love the way it turned out.

I put some leftover fabric from my curtain project in the frame and it's so bright and colorful.  You can still see the old wallpaper in the background (I really want to get to that project soon, but I am having a difficult time choosing new wallpaper!).  Oh well, that's for another!

This was a simple, fun way to brighten up an old frame.  Any one else still spray painting?  I slowed down, but this may have got me going again!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hall Closet: Mission Organize

It all started with Pinterest...yes...just like any project does!  No more just looking at lovely pictures, it was time to get down to business (especially since I ran out of paint and any errand with the boys home entails tons and tons of whining...not in the mood!).

My inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens:

Don't we all wish we had color coordinated blankets, sheets, towels? Lol!

Please don't judge the before's quite scary, but real.

Can you believe how much stuff junk is crammed into this space??!!  It's pretty awful when you go to take out a blanket and things fall on your head.

Everything had to come out!!

Ahhh...a blank canvas.  Unfortunately I didn't have any fun paint on hand or I probably would have painted inside (I've been wanting to do that!).  Since I didn't want to procrastinate anymore I found some cool shelf liner to brighten it up with.

I just rolled it out to get my measurement.  I used the "fold the end down to see where to cut"!.  I also had to cut the width a little so I could fold the liner under the shelf.

Once it was in I just used the straight edge to cut any uneven areas.

I kept a slight edge and folded it under the shelf to finish it off.  You can see this in the finished picture.

Fun right?  To be honest I wasn't thinking that as I was lining the shelves, but it's cool now that it's done!  Finally onto the organized part.

Wow it looks so clean!

All the white containers are from the Dollar Tree and the basket and plastic containers I already had.  The plastic containers are from Target and were in the laundry room taking up space.  They have a new home now. 

I had to make labels - one of my favorite things to do...crazy girl that I am!  They turned out awesome...I can't stop opening the closet...

The best part about this organizing mission:  Two huge garbage bags full of stuff we don't use went off to Goodwill...pure joy to get rid of it!

As for the labels, I just used windows publisher and my handy dandy laminator to create them.  They are attached with colorful ribbon.

Love the new organized closet!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wall of Windows

The wall of windows is painted!  I keep putting off painting...once I start it's o.k., but the process of getting everything out and then cleaning up just makes me cringe.  Then it's done and I smile (and think why did I wait so long!!).

Here is the ugly yellow mess before (same pic as in the last post about the blinds)...

And then the magic happened...

Yes I know it's a hot mess and still a work in progress, but at least the wall makes me smile!  I almost forgot to take a picture (you can see I started getting the curtain rods back up before realizing I needed a shot of the new color).  As soon as those rods are up and the curtains are done I'll be smiling even bigger!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bye Bye Blinds

Our living room has two giant windows...shutters would have cost a small fortune so we went with blinds.  Unfortunately, the first set started bowing because of the size of the window so the company replaced them at no cost.  They put three sets on each window to make them lighter and easier to maneuver.  Well, they all broke about a year or so later.  #gottaloveblinds

Time for those ugly suckers to come down!

This is an older picture (during some curtain decisions), but it gives a pretty good visual of the windows.  A chevron panel hides the wall that separates the two windows.  The two small blinds that are open were the only two that worked anymore (and don't you love the ones on the right...they wouldn't go straight anymore!).

We never shut the blinds anyway and they really were an eyesore so they had to come down (plus I really needed to finish painting this room!).  You can see how they obstruct the view to the back yard.

One set down and it already looks better!!

I just worked my way across until I had all of them down.

What a huge is so open and looks like a much bigger room! 

Next step to get all the hardware off and finish painting!!  What do you think?  Blinds or no blinds?