Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bye Bye Blinds

Our living room has two giant windows...shutters would have cost a small fortune so we went with blinds.  Unfortunately, the first set started bowing because of the size of the window so the company replaced them at no cost.  They put three sets on each window to make them lighter and easier to maneuver.  Well, they all broke about a year or so later.  #gottaloveblinds

Time for those ugly suckers to come down!

This is an older picture (during some curtain decisions), but it gives a pretty good visual of the windows.  A chevron panel hides the wall that separates the two windows.  The two small blinds that are open were the only two that worked anymore (and don't you love the ones on the right...they wouldn't go straight anymore!).

We never shut the blinds anyway and they really were an eyesore so they had to come down (plus I really needed to finish painting this room!).  You can see how they obstruct the view to the back yard.

One set down and it already looks better!!

I just worked my way across until I had all of them down.

What a huge is so open and looks like a much bigger room! 

Next step to get all the hardware off and finish painting!!  What do you think?  Blinds or no blinds?

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