Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Couch Happiness!

My friend and I made our beginning of the school year trip to Ikea and there was a huge surprise in store for us!

After looking at the Karlstad couch for about the millionth time (I guess I didn't post about the couch I have been in love with for over a year...crazy) I finally decided on a color.  Originally I had wanted to go with the darker gray.

Then as we looked closer we realized the fabric was going to show way too much dirt and food from two three crazy boys.  So I decided on a fabric with more weave, but still gray (just lighter).
The best part about this sofa is that even though it is lighter it will still hide the yuckies much better because of the weave pattern.

Now for the most exciting part!  When we leave Ikea we always check the "as is/return" section (you never know what you might find!) and staring at us was the most beautiful Karlsad couch...with. a. chaise!  Yes the same couch, but with a chaise for less!  This couch with a chaise retails for $1199.00.   I was not planning on getting the couch with the chaise, but it was less than the plain sectional (it retails for $899.00).

The one sitting in front of us was $749!!  Absolutely nothing wrong with it (except that it was too big for the person who returned it).  Score!  I have been saving for over a year to get this couch and I am happy to say it is now ours!

In with the new

I am so excited I actually started painting the family room!  Find any awesome deals lately on something you have wanted for a long time?  So. much. fun.

Check out what the new couch replaced...

Out with the old

I was so tired of this poor brown couch (and that was all that was in the room)!!  The new couch makes me smile and I can't wait to finish the family room now...yippee!

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