Saturday, August 31, 2013

DIY Headboard Take Two!

It's been over a year since I made my headboard so I guess it doesn't surprise me that even though my painting isn't done I found myself re-doing a perfectly good headboard!

You can see how the headboard was created and the original fabric in this post.

For those who don't want to read the old post here is a quick reminder:

Funny thing in this picture you can't see the curtains, but they are also mainly white with a little black.  There just wasn't enough contrast.  So today I pulled out some fabric I have had in mind...although I think I have had lots of others in mind at any given point!

I just pulled the bed out and rested the headboard on it to put the new fabric on.  Pretty simple...only thing I had to be careful with was getting the pattern straight.

You can see I just stapled around the back.

And a brand new look in less than 30 minutes!!

Love how it turned out!  Such a bigger impact in the room and the white bedding along with the curtains still keep the room bright.  Next step is to figure out what to do above the bed (it's only been over a year)!  What do you think?  Better pop or should I have stayed with the white?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Sew Curtain Panels

After seeing this done on pinterest I wanted to give it a shot!  I only needed to make three panels...couldn't be that hard right?  Well, I definitely do not want to touch hem tape for a very long time!!  I think actually sewing these may have been easier...if I new how to sew that!!

So here is what we started with:

This is before I started changing colors (although you can see the side tables that started this crazy change!).

Big difference right (like how the screen is falling off outside...too hot to fix it right now)?!  Now the fun part, how to do this little time consuming project.

Start with your hem tape and fabric...

And of course you need an iron and ironing board...and start ironing according to the directions on your hem tape package.

It's funny trying to take a picture of yourself doing!  I don't really iron with my left hand!  Anyway, pretty simple right?  Yes, but I had to do both sides of my panels and top and bottom...yikes!

The hem tape worked really well though.

At the corners I just overlapped and the tape held perfectly.

I didn't hem the bottom until the curtains were actually hanging from the rod.  This way I wouldn't mess up on measurements!  I just cut while they were hanging and I left them up while I did the final hem on the bottom.

I really like how they turned out, but I am relieved I decided to go curtainless in the family room...ha ha!!

Much brighter and tons of happiness in this it.

I switched the dining room tables around (that is why you see the brown one in here), but that's another story for another day.  Things move around here constantly!  Hopefully I'll stay in love with these panels because I really don't want to change them out anytime!

Anyone tackle curtains recently?  Did you like the final product?  I think I would have cried if I hadn't liked it!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Scrapbook Retreat

Every year I get to get away from it all and escape to Prescott for a scrapbook weekend!

Last week all my projects got put on hold because I was getting ready for the weekend (and I got a nice little cold from Andrew).

The weekend was a huge success!  I started our 2010 family album and finished all the way through August...yippee.

A peek at a few of my favorite pages:

My pages are pretty simple, but I still love how they turn out.  And I am not afraid to use pink even though I have two!

Definitely the best way to get lots of scrappin' done...a weekend away!  Eventually I'll finish the album, but this week  it's onto more painting and finding ways to make old things new again.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Painting Break!

It's official...I am sick of painting!  The huge entertainment niche is going to be the death of!  I have been trying to finish the family room.  The new couch came last week (see it here) and I starting painted so it would have a nice fresh home.  Well, it's not even done yet and I am exhausted.  The last two days have taken a toll.  I hated our entertainment built in (not much we can do about it now) before I started painting and now I hate it even more!

Take a peek...

More yellow and brown"ish" that have to go.  Don't you love our giant old t.v.?  Can't believe it still works great after 11 years.  It's staying until we save enough to splurge on a new one.

Anyway, back to the painting.  I ran out of paint and haven't even finished...yikes!  So you get a sneak peek of what it's going to look like.

Because the color on the back of each section is so dark I had to apply a double coat of paint...maybe this is why I ran out!  It stinks to run out, but I had to go pick up the boys from school anyway and I was starting to get a little sloppy (which is a big

Maybe I can get a cool little project in before I tackle more painting...or maybe I should just be a big girl and finish this crazy thing!