Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spray Paint and Burlap Mat

I have some metal frames I just love, but of course they were brown and more brown!  Time for some more spray paint...yippee.  I am having tons of fun changing our decor, but there are just some things that I love enough to re-purpose to fit into the new space.

I have two of these frames...the other is just a lighter brown (so!).  There was no need to prime these frames since they are metal and can easily just be sprayed.  And it only took 2.5 coats.  I started by taking out the glass. I didn't even need to easy!  To paint the frame I leaned it on a blanket against a tree outside.  I used Winter Gray/Gloss by Rustoleum.

Love the color!

You'll notice I decided to add some texture to the inside of the frame.  It's just burlap with a black and white photo on top.

Just lay your burlap over the cardboard insert and lay picture and glass on top.

Then place back in frame.

The best part of this project...I already have a home for the frames!!!  I thought they would look awesome in the newly painted wall unit.

Oh man...that t.v. is a!  I do love how it turned out (despite the t.v.).  I still have to style the rest of the crazy boxes, but the entire thing is painted now and this is a great start!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cade's Bedroom Plan

We have lived in our home for almost 9 years and I feel like there has never been a point when I could say..."Wow, Cade's room is completely done."  That's probably true of everyone room!!

But for now I am focusing on Cade's room.  His room is currently very dark and has been changed many, many times.

The goal is to create a room that can grow with him (he is already 8!).  I want the base to be neutral (not going to do a big "theme") with picture accents of what he currently likes.  This way if he changes his mind about what he likes (which is bound to happen) we can just switch out pictures to change it up.

Here is what we came up with...and it was approved by Cade himself!

I love the color scheme and think it will brighten up the room.  Can't wait to get started!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

White Giraffe

Everything is changing around here...even my favorite giraffe(s).

To work with the new color scheme they are going to have to be painted white.  I started with one coat of Kilz primer and then began spray painting with white.

I noticed after 4 coats (yes...4!!) that it just wasn't going to cover.  The paint was just getting sucked into the wood.  I probably should have guessed this would happen...right?!

You can see it in the second picture...still after 4 coats it wasn't looking right.  I love these giraffes so I had to take some serious action...ha!

Out came the Zinsser primer and I got started on one coat using a brush.  I could tell right away it was going to work much better!  After completing one coat of Zinsser primer I let the giraffes dry overnight (waiting is so difficult!).  Once they were dry I did one more spray paint coat and it worked like a charm!

They look so nice in the newly painted family room!!  So relieved I was able to make them work with the new colors...there are just some things I don't want to replace.

So different, but I really like the white!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Inspiration Boards

Had to show you what I've been working on all day!  So. Much. Fun.

A friend of mine is redoing her family room and wanted some here is what I did for her.

She already has a dark leather sofa that will not change so I worked around it to make things a bit brighter.

Then I created another so she can see what happens with different colors.  She wants to lighten up the room so I thought some different options would be fun.  There is a large wall behind the couch which I thought would look awesome filled with starburst mirrors.

What do you think?  It was so much fun creating the boards...even though it took me all!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fun Craigslist Dresser!

Yesterday I decide to tackle organizing the playroom (not being able to walk into the closet was becoming a problem)!  I guess I should just go ahead and tell you we couldn't really even walk well in the room sad.  Too many legos, gogos, game pieces, castle parts, boxes, game controllers and much more...very depressing.

Too many kids over and not enough cleaning up after lead to a huge mess.  Anyway, I will save that reveal for another post.

This is really about a amazing dresser!

In the hours and hours of cleaning and purging I decided to move Cade's (my 8 year old) dresser to the playroom...gasp (my family is used to things moving often)!  I love how it turned out, but that left no dresser for poor Cade...although I guess he could just go across the hall every time he needs  Here is where his dresser ended up.  I really needed something sturdy to hold the fish tank (which I can't wait to be done with!).

I told him before he left for school this morning that I would look on Craigslist for a dresser.  I was hoping to find one quickly, but wasn't sure how long it would take to find the "right" one.

My options were to make-over one or find one that I loved that we could use right away (at a great price of course!).

I was searching Craigslist, one of my favorite places to find steals, and came across an amazing dresser for $110.  The best makeover needed!

What do you think?  It was a must have...mid-century style is awesome!  And the drawers work too (which we know with kids is a must!).