Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cade's Bedroom Plan

We have lived in our home for almost 9 years and I feel like there has never been a point when I could say..."Wow, Cade's room is completely done."  That's probably true of everyone room!!

But for now I am focusing on Cade's room.  His room is currently very dark and has been changed many, many times.

The goal is to create a room that can grow with him (he is already 8!).  I want the base to be neutral (not going to do a big "theme") with picture accents of what he currently likes.  This way if he changes his mind about what he likes (which is bound to happen) we can just switch out pictures to change it up.

Here is what we came up with...and it was approved by Cade himself!

I love the color scheme and think it will brighten up the room.  Can't wait to get started!

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