Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spray Paint and Burlap Mat

I have some metal frames I just love, but of course they were brown and more brown!  Time for some more spray paint...yippee.  I am having tons of fun changing our decor, but there are just some things that I love enough to re-purpose to fit into the new space.

I have two of these frames...the other is just a lighter brown (so!).  There was no need to prime these frames since they are metal and can easily just be sprayed.  And it only took 2.5 coats.  I started by taking out the glass. I didn't even need to easy!  To paint the frame I leaned it on a blanket against a tree outside.  I used Winter Gray/Gloss by Rustoleum.

Love the color!

You'll notice I decided to add some texture to the inside of the frame.  It's just burlap with a black and white photo on top.

Just lay your burlap over the cardboard insert and lay picture and glass on top.

Then place back in frame.

The best part of this project...I already have a home for the frames!!!  I thought they would look awesome in the newly painted wall unit.

Oh man...that t.v. is a!  I do love how it turned out (despite the t.v.).  I still have to style the rest of the crazy boxes, but the entire thing is painted now and this is a great start!

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