Thursday, September 12, 2013

White Giraffe

Everything is changing around here...even my favorite giraffe(s).

To work with the new color scheme they are going to have to be painted white.  I started with one coat of Kilz primer and then began spray painting with white.

I noticed after 4 coats (yes...4!!) that it just wasn't going to cover.  The paint was just getting sucked into the wood.  I probably should have guessed this would happen...right?!

You can see it in the second picture...still after 4 coats it wasn't looking right.  I love these giraffes so I had to take some serious action...ha!

Out came the Zinsser primer and I got started on one coat using a brush.  I could tell right away it was going to work much better!  After completing one coat of Zinsser primer I let the giraffes dry overnight (waiting is so difficult!).  Once they were dry I did one more spray paint coat and it worked like a charm!

They look so nice in the newly painted family room!!  So relieved I was able to make them work with the new colors...there are just some things I don't want to replace.

So different, but I really like the white!

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