Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mod Podge Book Art

Wow it's already October 8th!!  This time of year always gets away from me...between our family vacation and the boys being home from school (we are on a year round schedule) there is very little time for fun projects.

Our San Diego trip was fantastic!  We spent 7 wonderful days on Mission Beach and had so much fun boogie boarding and playing soccer on the beach.

We returned Sunday evening and you can imagine the mess we made bringing all of our "stuff" back into the house.  So much for the clean house!

I still have suit cases full of clothes, laundry is piling up, and we need groceries, but I completed a project anyway!  I needed a fun project to distract me from all the house chaos...I'll get to it eventually.  O.K....I'll get to it today (now that my project is done!).

The project starts with a giant metal framed art piece that I picked up from Ross about 6 years ago.


A gorgeous piece, but way too rustic for the new house colors.  Time for some spray paint, mod podge, and a Dr. Seuss Book.

First I painted the frame.  I didn't have to worry about any taping since I would be covering up the picture anyway.

Love. The. Purple.

Next I took the pages out of the book (I chose this book mainly because it had some torn pages anyway) and then I laid the pages out in the frame to see how it would look.

Fun right?! 

The hardest part of the project came last.  Getting all of those awesome pages down with Mod Podge...not the easiest task, but well worth it in the end.

I applied the Mod Podge directly to the original piece and then placed the pictures where I wanted them.  After completing the entire piece there were places that just had too much of a "bubbly" look.  On the far right side it was just not working for me...I think I used too much glue...oops!  Luckily I had one extra whole page and a few scraps to "fix" what I didn't like.   I just tore off the parts that I didn't like and put new pieces in their place.

After a few tweaks it turned out fabulous!  For now it sits in the play room on the bookshelves.  Before I drill holes to hold this huge and heavy art I want to live with it in this spot for a little while...I kinda tend to change my!!

I wasn't so sure about the purple, but now that it's done I love it!  Best thing about this project is that it didn't cost me a dime!  The spray paint was in my stash at home (I had thought about painting this chandelier purple and had already bought it) and the book was already ours too.  That's the kind of project I like! 

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