Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's Under the Kitchen Sink?

Under the kitchen sink can be a scary place.  I know I get busy with other stuff and just ignore it...what a gross mess! 

First I took everything out and then scrubbed it clean...Yuck! 

Once it was nice and clean I decided to line the bottom so it would look "pretty" when I opened the cabinet.  I followed my usual process for lining cabinets.  You can see how to do it here and here or here.

Love how it turned out!

There is no hiding all of the lovely hoses etc. but it still looks a ton better.  The little container on the left holds the two sink plugs and the pink container holds vinegar, dishwasher soap, and regular dish soap.  You'll notice that I like to recycle my Target bags by using them in the garbage under the sink (I have plenty of!).

This is my view from the sink looking much nicer don't you think?   

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